Retailer Spotlight: I Like Your Bike

February 14, 2023

I Like Your Bike

Our friends at I Like Your Bike in Sydney, Australia run an awesome independent operation built around a passion for cycling and high quality, intentional products. Their thoughtfully curated range features cycling products that are not widely available in Australia, and they have a little something for everybody, regardless of level. Check out our conversation below to learn more about I Like Your Bike:

I Like Your Bike

What’s the story of I Like Your Bike?

I Like Your Bike was born with a simple aim to bring a variety of unique, high quality, functional and aesthetically pleasing products to everyday commuters and leisure riders. Many years ago, I fell in love with cycling and it was around the same time that I wanted a career change. I started learning to be a bike mechanic, and immersed myself into everything about bikes and the industry, as well as getting a good understanding of what cyclists want and what they need, especially items that were deemed hard to find locally.

When we started I Like Your Bike, we decided to focus on cycling accessories that are not easily located by riders in Australia, products that would make their rides more enjoyable and look great on the road. As the business progresses, we have expanded our range, and now, some of our key product focuses are for gravel, bikepacking, fixed gear riders, and commuters.

We want to excite our customers with products they haven’t seen before. We want to create a place that is easy and is accessible for all types of riders. It doesn’t matter which types of rides you are into, or what level of cyclist you are, we want to welcome everyone who has a keen interest in cycling.

I Like Your Bike

What makes your shop unique?

We have grown to become a go-to for riders who want a well-designed product that is unique and made with care and a great level of attention to detail. We are an independent business, and we are passionate to support the cycling community, and have some fun along the way too.

We curate products from all around the world, and we are specifically interested to work with artists and entrepreneurs who are excited about what they do, and are committed to delivering high quality products. Colorful and fun are two key themes when you look at the products we range. We would always have the traditional designed bags, socks, caps, and apparel, but we want to offer something different as well.

Personalized service is something we are very proud of, and we go that extra mile to help search the right products and brands for our customers. We have fun discovering new products, and bringing them to our customers. We want our customers to find something new each time they come to our store.

What ILE product stands out to you and why?

We love working with brands who are committed to creating high quality products in house, and who are involved in the end to end journey to bring a product to life, and ILE does exactly that.

I personally love the Work Apron and use it everyday building and fixing bikes. It’s made to withstand a lot of abuse in the workshop. It's incredibly resistant to all the wear and tear of working as a bicycle mechanic so it has to be my favorite product from ILE.

I Like Your Bike

Check out I Like Your Bike online and on Instagram, and drop by their brick and mortar if you're in the Sydney area!

All photos courtesy of I Like Your Bike.