ILE x Shogun Shido

July 20, 2023

ILE x Shogun Shido

Oakland-based artist Shogun Shido is an innovative creator who hails from New Orleans and uses art to explore the depths of introspection and observation. Shido’s expressive, free-flowing line work is immediately recognizable. From canvases to murals, clothing, sculptures, wine bottles and more, his ever-expanding body of work bridges all mediums. We met Shido through a mutual friend last year and quickly connected over our shared passion for creative expression.

Over the past few months we’ve been working on a special collaboration featuring a custom painted 1000D Cordura, which started out as one continuous length of fabric before being cut down into panels for our signature Default. The panels were cut and placed at random while maintaining the orientation of the original painting, with drips and splatters cascading down the bags. This is a limited edition of three bags––each piece is one of a kind, and includes a signed and numbered artist label.

Check out our interview / studio visit with Shido to learn more about his story and creative process:

ILE x Shogun Shido

Artist Bio:

Oakland-based artist Shogun Shido is an innovative creator who hails from New Orleans and uses art to explore the depths of introspection and observation through abstract expressionism and storytelling. Drawing influence from the vibrant colors and culture of his hometown, Shido's work actively draws in viewers with an emotional intensity that stems from his unique background.

Shido is a self-taught, interdisciplinary artist who creates captivating works across all mediums of art. From painting, sculpting, digital design to DJing, he enthusiastically tackles each creative endeavor with a passionate curiosity. Shido embraces the unpredictability of art and expression through his experimental nature and willingness to take creative risks.

His collection of works demonstrate the interconnected relationship between human design and the limitless imaginations we foster all while centering the narrative that one can be liberated and healed through their creative expression.

ILE x Shogun Shido

ILE x Shogun Shido

What does your creative process look like? What are some current projects or themes you're exploring through your art?

I like to create an environment of flow and release. That starts with me putting on music, it is a fluid expression. I also make myself a cup of tea. I move my body to the beat and it really loosens me up and I drink tea. Movement is a form of meditation for me, making me aware of my breath, body, and grounding me into the present moment. When I sip tea, it completes the full activation of my senses, I then tap into a subconscious stream of expression and the end result is what is perceived by the viewer.

As of recently I've been exploring and experimenting with wine making, large scale public installations, and smaller functional sculptural works.

ILE x Shogun Shido

What does this collaboration represent for you?

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with ILE! The very idea of this collaboration ignites a spark of excitement within me, as it allows me to explore the intersection of travel and art expression in a unique and tangible way whilst also merging into the worlds of cyclists, photographers, and gear enthusiasts.

For me traveling has always been a source of inspiration throughout my journey. The act of venturing into unknown territories, immersing oneself in different cultures, and experiencing diverse landscapes can be a transformative and enlightening experience. These journeys, whether physical or metaphorical, often find their way embodied in artistic creations. They shape our perspectives, challenge our preconceptions, and provide a rich tapestry of ideas for us to draw from.

ILE x Shogun Shido

ILE x Shogun Shido Default

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Photography by Vicken Donikian