Ego Death 2: Absolution | Recap

July 09, 2024

Absolution Recap

This year we've been hosting a quarterly ride series with As Far As I'm Concerned (AFAIC) titled Ego Death, designed to invert the paradigms surrounding teamwork and individuality in sport. A couple weekends ago we tackled Absolution, the second ride in the series, along with a great crew. Check out a trip summary from the AFAIC team below, and keep an eye out for the next edition coming in August.

Absolution Recap

AFAIC: Our second edition of the Ego Death ride series, Absolution, proved to be another occasion for riders to explore their comfort zones.

With every edition of Ego Death, riders are asked to be open to testing the boundaries of their fitness and equipment. Absolution’s quest brought us over to Marin County for some fast miles around Marshall Wall and Mt Vision. Our group put down a scorching ride through Marshall Wall and down the 1. The pace and heat combined made for a well deserved pit stop in Point Reyes Station. After some hard miles in the legs, our major test of the day would be Mount Vision’s lesser-known dirt ascent and single track connector.

Absolution Recap

Turning off Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and into the sleepy neighborhoods above Inverness, we entered onto the Perth fire road. Our crew all piloted road bikes, which is what we would recommend for the truest “Dirt Vision Experience”. Albeit steep and a bit loose in spots, Perth is one of the prettiest and shortest ways to get to the top.

On the other side of the climb was a single track that followed the ridge over to Limantour Rd. While it's completely rideable on road tires, the descent sparked concern (and some regrets) in the minds of certain riders. Many riders paused at the top, eyeing the descent the same way one looks over the edge of a high dive. At the end of the day almost the entirety of the finishing crew tackled the single track descent, leaving no casualties or regrets behind.

Absolution Recap

Rolling back into Point Richmond we closed the ride out in style with some curbside beers and taqueria staples. We wouldn’t have wanted to end it any other way.

Stay tuned for the next edition ;)


Photography by AFAIC