Default Review by Max, The Cyclist

June 27, 2014

Default Review - Max, The Cyclist

Incredible one-year review of our Default bag by Max, The Cyclist.

"I used this bag aggressively, to say the least. Over the past year, I’ve done the following:

  • Three bicycle tours in Canada, VT, and Colorado for a total of about 600 miles in all conditions, from desert to blizzard.
  • Daily commuting and riding, totaling upwards of 2,000 miles of riding in all seasons, from 100ºF to -18ºF plus windchill. My state salts the roads every winter, and I ride 365 days a year.
  • Quite literally lived out of this bag for extended trips. I took it aboard planes, boats, and trains, and I used it as a carry-on bag without checked luggage.
  • Used as a drybag in torrential rains and river crossings.
  • Used as a daypack and overnight camping bag.
  • Used as a bikepacking pack for overnighters and extended off-road tours.
  • Used as a mobile office for freelance writing and blogging.
  • Used as an overnight bag when my girlfriend and I lived in separate housing.
  • Used for groceries, alcohol, dirty laundry, clean laundry, bike parts, hammock gear, headphones, photography gear, raw corn, laptops, U.S. mail, climbing gear, tools, and just about everything else I own.

"…it’s a lifetime investment and a simple, intuitive product that eliminates challenges...I needed this pack to be convenient, durable, comfortable, and secure. It’s all of those things."

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