Diversifying the Default

November 05, 2010

The flagship bag is now available in two alternative styles!  The two options are both still the roll top design, have the same boxy shape, and are made using  the same premium materials.  The Default Cargo holds more, and the Default Mini, less.

Default Cargo

When you occasionally need extra carrying capacity for large packages, extra gear, bike frame, a wheelset (pony keg?) strap it onto the outside of your bag with the mesh net, and secure the straps.  It will separate it from the contents of the bag, and greatly improve the versatility of your bag...and best of all, it rolls down into a zippered compartment underneath!

Default Mini

For those who want all the features of the Default, but at 60% of the size.  It still has the easy access roll top and all the same pockets...just a little smaller....but it is still around 800 cubic inches, and is built to be filled to the brim!

The waist strap is removable and can be stowed in the side pocket, so as not to dangle and get in the way-- but should be used to stabilize heavier loads.  The shoulder straps are the same as its big brother--comfortable, wide, padded, and breathable on the underside.

Materials are all the same as the bigger model, including Cordura fabric, waterproof YKK zippers, and tough nylon webbing--because no matter what your load, it should always arrive intact, dry, and in style.