Custom Program

We are offering custom designs on the Default bag (and Default Mini-- use the same form). There is no limit on number of colors, but webbing, thread and binding are always black. We want to provide as many options as possible without getting an out of control lead time. If you have ideas beyond the scope of this, let us know and we will try to accommodate.  The current build time is 10 days, but is subject to change.
Step 1: Download the blueprint and either Print and use colored pencils, or bring into Photoshop and create your design.
Step 2: Email your (scanned or photographed) design and mail to Include your shipping address so that we can provide a quote.
Step 3:  If need be, we will contact you with follow-up questions. Otherwise, you will receive a PayPal invoice (can also be paid with a credit card).
Step 4: After receiving payment, we will begin the process of cutting and sewing. Your bag will be completed in under 10 days.  You will receive a UPS Tracking number when it departs (or DHL for international orders).
Step 5: You get the bag, love and enjoy it until you realize Multicam and Purple don't go so well together, and then repeat Step 1.