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August 21, 2014 1 Comment

I ride by the Envelope Architecture and Design office on 6th street every day on my way to ILE.   

It is on a nice shady street, with awful pavement, but a variety of buildings. Some victorian houses, some commercial concrete structures, and some residential.  But the building that catches my eye is Envelope A+D.  Structurally, it is nothing special, but I love the way it is styled.  Dark and light grey on perpendicular faces, with cyan doors.

Incidentally, It is an aesthetic that is carried through all of the firm's projects.

We brought these colors directly into a collection of backpacks--




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Douglas Burnham, envelope A+D
Douglas Burnham, envelope A+D

September 18, 2015

so honored! please stop in on your way to the shop one day and introduce yourself!

cyan is the new black
gray is the new white

next time you bike by, check out that each of the three doors is actually a progressively more intensive cyan blue as you move back in space. tricky!

all best,

douglas burnham
envelope a+d

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