Headset Press--Race Day bag review November 11, 2013 22:45

"Using the bag to access your stuff is one of the neatest features of the bag and this made it so cool to use in everyday situations. Like any good kit bag (there are plenty that are not good) it has two large full length zips that open up the entire length of the bag but this isn’t a bag… That on a rucksack has proved to be a stroke of genius. It made it easy to access something at the bottom of the rucksack without opening the top and rummaging around blindly (pitfalls of a rucksack). It didn’t take long until I got used to that and it made my daily life just a little easier. It still works like a rucksack and has a top opening that has a generous size pocket built in to it that was great to hold phones, wallets, keys and more. In daily use the front helmet pocket doubled up to carry everything from paperwork to jackets." ...more