November 26, 2012

The majority of textile work done in the world today, has been shipped off to Asia. However, a key portion of the market is tethered stateside by the US Congress' mandate that the military uses products made in the US. It is known as the Berry Amendment, and for a struggling economy, and a nation at war, it makes sense! The mills ILE uses to source fabric, buckles, webbing, and thread are kept in business making materials used in the production of military, and law enforcement equipment.
The only reason we are able to source such fantastic materials domestically is because of the military. And we are really fortunate to have them driving R&D, keeping standards and specifications for individual materials, and the sheer volume that keeps mills and factories open.
To show our appreciation, we are making a limited edition run of the Marine Corps spec color "Coyote Tan". We went to the trouble to source fabric, webbing, velcro, mesh, thread and buckles to match.
Pick one up, and celebrate what it means to still have products made in the USA.
*While supplies last, this color scheme is also available for custom orders on Default, or Photo bags.

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